ectronic hygrostat: the precise controller of environmental humidity

Environmental humidity is a crucial factor in maintaining the quality and longevity of various products and items. From food storage to museum collections, the need for precise humidity control is paramount. This is where the Electronic Hygrostat steps in.

Electronic Hygrostat

The Electronic Hygrostat is a sophisticated electronic device that precisely measures and maintains the humidity level within a desired range. It is composed of three main components: the sensor, control circuit, and the actuator. The sensor acts as the ‘eyes’ of the Electronic Hygrostat, constantly monitoring the humidity level within the environment. It transforms the humidity in the air into an electrical signal that is then sent to the control circuit. The control circuit functions as the ‘brain’ of the system, processing the incoming signal and making decisions based on pre-set humidity levels. If the humidity level detected by the sensor deviates from the desired range, the control circuit sends a signal to the actuator to adjust it.






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